Percent for Art Policy

The Borough Council supports the promotion of public art as good planning practice which brings cultural, environmental and economic benefits to new development and to the local community.

The Chesterfield Borough Local Plan invites developers of schemes costing over £1m to include a work of aft to the value of 1% of the total cost of the project.

The artist is chosen by the developer and the Council. . A small group of Council members has been the driving force behind the Percent for Art policy. The success of the scheme is due to their enthusiasm for, and close personal involvement with, the policy.

Developer’s View

John Coleman, Development Manager for William Davis Ltd the developer of two major residential sites in the Borough, said “the Percent for Art scheme continues to be an excellent experience for me and provides our new housing site with unique features admired by staff residents alike.”

Artist’s View

Richard Swain, artist for the Redevelopment of the former Scarsdale hospital site, said “I am very pleased with the way my vision for the artwork has been supported by the housing developer giving it pride of place at the main entrance.”

Councillor Terry Gilby’s View

“I am really pleased that this scheme has enabled developers and artists to work so well together to create artworks that are truly unique. I believe they will enrich the character of Chesterfield and help attract more visitors to the town.”