Using the Trail

The Borough council promotes the use of sustainable transport. Please do your best to visit the artworks on foot, by cycle or using public transport. If you need to use a car please park considerately.

Good Cycling Code (Courtesy of National Cycle Network)

  • When cycling on the highway, cyclists are bound by traffic laws and should observe the Highway Code.
  • On traffic free paths please follow this simple code to ensure enjoyable riding, safety of others and continued use of the route.

Care For The Environment

  • Try to reach the start of your journey by bike or public transport.
  • Thank you for cycling! The bike is the most efficient and environmentally friendly form of transport ever invented.

Consideration For Others

  • Give way to walkers, and remember that some people have impaired hearing or sight.
  • Be courteous and considerate to others, acknowledge those who give way to you.
  • Watch your speed when close to others and do not race.

Look after yourself

  • Take special care when cycling downhill.
  • Match your speed to the surface and your skills.
  • Ensure your bike is safe to ride.
  • Always take tools and a puncture repair kit.
  • Consider wearing a helmet.